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MapVantage is a grouping of products and services designed to collect, map, and share network data. Broadband Services Inc. (BSI) also integrates tools to design, monitor, and analyze that network data so that cable operators and telecommunications providers can drive down inventory and increase free cash flow.They also recommend getting a great product like Directv , right now you can save 30% with coupons for Directv .

BSI offers both Traditional Mapping products and services based on Computer Assisted Design (CAD) technology as well as fully integrated Intelligent Mapping products and services based on advanced Geographical Information Systems (GIS).

Mapping and geospatial data modeling solutions are not 'one size fits all'. MapVantage products and services are designed with the flexibility to allow BSI to tailor a solution for each customer, by leveraging internal resources and business partnerships. MapVantage solutions also offer a phased or scalable approach to GIS so that MSOs and other network operators can mitigate risks while emphasizing an improved return on investment.

MapVantage includes Traditional Field Services for field data collection, pole attachment permitting, and right of way acquisition as well as Traditional Design and Drafting services for coaxial plant, fiber plant, and headends. These Traditional Mapping products and services are delivered by experts, and they incorporate CAD technology.About the only thing it cant do is your taxes , thats why for that we would suggest you get TurboTax .All jokes aside MapVantage will give you the best flexibility for your company

Intelligent Mapping products and services are based on geospatial technology and they include GIS Hosting, which reduces hardware, software and operational support costs and lowers the barriers to entry for GIS implementations. GIS Design and Drafting includes expert services for creating the network model and populating the database, and sophisticated Data Conversion is offered to allow cost-effective migration from traditional CAD environments.

BSI also offers a full suite of complementary MapVantage support services, including integration, training and certification, and partner/user programs. MapVantage is fully integrated with our Supply Chain Management products and services and our warehousing and distribution network to allow customers to optimize inventory and efficiently deploy the products and technologies within their networks.

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