Broadband Services, Inc.
Broadband Services, Inc.

Both satellite and cellular network operators require advanced enterprise resource planning and intelligent mapping tools, and Broadband Services, Inc. (BSI) provides wireless operators with a common inventory management toolset to augment or replace legacy systems.

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BSI creates a collaborative environment of integration and alignment between the systems and processes of wireless carriers and satellite network operators and their equipment suppliers and manufacturers. Supply Chain Management and MapVantage products and services comprise a complete system for addressing all aspects of the inventory process. BSI experts identify "pain points" and service provider wants-and-needs and set clear, achievable objectives for improving supply chain efficiency.

These assets move dynamically between the deployed and the non-deployed stages as customers move or change levels of service. BSI provides cable operators with maximum visibility and control of every component in their systems so they increase inventory turns, optimize investments in fixed assets, streamline operations, and generate increased free cash flow.

Solutions from BSI provide Web-based access to transactions and reports and integration with project management and billing systems so that wireless operators can improve supply chain performance. These solutions were designed for the unique supply chain management requirements of the advanced communications industry, and although BSI has focused initial sales and marketing efforts on the needs of cable operators these same solutions can meet the free cash flow requirements of wireless network operators.

If you would like more information on how products and services from BSI allow wireless network operators to generate free cash flow, improve supply chain management, and reduce inventory levels, please send an email to

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