Broadband Services, Inc.
Broadband Services, Inc.

Utilities increasingly face the challenge of improving operational efficiency, supporting cost-effective buildouts, and optimizing the use of inventory. Broadband Services, Inc. (BSI) offers the innovative products and services utilities need to quickly improve asset management, increase inventory turns, and create flexible, scalable, and cost-effective supply chain infrastructure.

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Utility companies face many of the same supply chain management challenges addressed by cable TV operators and telecommunications carriers as they build or expand infrastructure to address new service areas or offer new revenue-generating services. In fact, many are even entering the telecommunications market and competing with traditional carriers, making efficient management of the supply chain even more critical to financial success.

Many municipalities are similarly entering the telecommunications market, and both municipalities and utilities can build flexible supply chain infrastructure so they can react quickly to changes in the marketplace while minimizing investment and optimizing operational efficiency. Solutions from BSI allow them to quickly improve asset management, minimize inventory levels, and increase inventory turns.

BSI creates a collaborative environment of integration and alignment between the systems and processes of these utilities and municipalities and their equipment suppliers and manufacturers. Supply Chain Management and MapVantage products and services comprise a complete system for addressing all aspects of the inventory process. BSI experts identify "pain points" and the wants-and-needs of utilities and then set clear, achievable objectives for improving supply chain efficiency.

Solutions from BSI provide Web-based access to transactions and reports and integration with project management and billing systems so that wireless operators can improve supply chain performance. While BSI has focused initial sales and marketing efforts on the needs of cable operators, these same solutions can help utilities and municipalities seeking to provide telecommunications services with superior asset management and operational efficiency.

If you would like more information on how products and services from BSI allow utilities to generate free cash flow, improve supply chain management, and reduce inventory levels, please send an email to

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