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Broadband Services, Inc.
Cable TV Operators

Solutions from Broadband Services, Inc. (BSI) are currently available to address the free cash flow needs of cable TV operators. Today's financial markets are placing greater fiscal demands than ever on the cable industry, and it is imperative that Multiple System Operators (MSOs) complement their top-line focus with bottom-line expertise.

BSI allows MSOs to improve their asset management capabilities and generate a quick and substantial positive impact on bottom line performance. Operators can generate the free cash flow they need right now. They can eliminate the uncertainty that makes excess inventory necessary, increase inventory turns, and implement a flexible, scalable, and cost-effective supply chain infrastructure so they can react quickly to changes in the marketplace while minimizing investment and optimizing operational and cost efficiencies.

Cable operators require a continuous tracking system so they can optimize the productive use of both deployed and non-deployed assets. They need to be able to more efficiently manage network infrastructure inventory, and they also need to be able to better manage utilization of equipment that is deployed at the subscriber location, such as cable modems and set-top-boxes.

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These assets move fluidly between the deployed and the non-deployed stages as customers move or they change their service levels. BSI provides cable operators with maximum visibility and control of every component in their systems so they can increase inventory turns, reduce investments in undeployed fixed assets, streamline operations, and generate increased free cash flow.

BSI creates a collaborative environment of integration and alignment between customer systems and processes and their equipment suppliers and manufacturers. Supply Chain Management and MapVantage products and services comprise a complete system for addressing all aspects of the inventory process. BSI experts identify "pain points" and service provider wants-and-needs and set clear, achievable objectives for improving supply chain efficiency.

Cable operators can deploy innovative Supply Chain Management products from BSI, including:

MapVantage products and services include both Traditional Mapping and Intelligent Mapping capabilities.

The Intelligent Mapping products and services are based on advanced Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology so that cable operators can most efficiently track the location and status of deployed assets. For more information, please visit the products and services section or send an email to

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